Teaching practice 12 ECTS

You will practice teaching throughout your studies with EduLab group – with your peers.  The goal is to apply the pedagogical knowledge and skills in practice teaching vocational students.

The aim of teaching practise is to enable the student to design, carry out and evaluate the teaching methods of his/her own sector and to cooperate with other parties and students relating to teaching practise. One of the aims is also that the student will be able to understand his/her role in the larger whole of the profession and in the extended operational environment of the school. An important goal is to learn how to develop and advance one’s competence in development.

As part of teaching practise you will also complete
-Safety of the School module (2 ects).
-Competence in networking (6 ects) can be linked to teaching practice as well

Read the official school pages of teaching practise carefully!
Follow the official instructions and contact your tutor if there are any questions!

Checklist before starting your teaching practise.