Teaching and guiding – online sessions table


Here’s a table for our online sessions. Teams are colour coded. I will add the names of your teams and full online addresses of your AC rooms. Colour is linked to one of the question of the session’s topic.

Please double check the dates and names and let me know if there are corrections that need to be made. I assigned on of your team member as “coordinator” of your team who is responsible for opening your AC room for the session and records the sessio in that particular AC room.


First online session 20.6.

Our first online session took place Tuesday 20th of June. I think majority of group managed to get their set working. It is vital for the online sessions that our time together doesn’t get wasted because of the lack of preparation.

Check list for AC sessions:

-Have your usb connected head set ready and tested. Find out how you can switch your audio set up and install drivers.
-Have your web cam set up ready. Test it.
-Get familiar with AC tools.

We also instructed how to get started with digital badges that are related to competence in digital pedagogy.

We also formed the teams for the Teaching and guiding module and discussed how to prepare for the sessions