Part 5

Have a debate (Group Activity)

Here are the steps:

  1. Groups will research and defend a position, in debate format, focusing on one of two key concepts in use in contemporary educational practice (debates will take place during the Adobe Connect session on 11.12.18.)
  2. The debates will be structured so that each side will have a short intro (about 5-7 min.), a debate (about 10 min.), and a wrap up, as well as an open discussion time. Everyone in the team should learn beforehand few key elements/concepts of the topic.
  3. Conditions about the debate:
    • Everyone in the team should have a point to make and speak at some point in the debate.
  4. The tasks for observation teams:
    • Other team members listen and observe (see assessment)
  5. Note: debating teams are encouraged to make connections between their position and the theorists researched in Part 1.

Here are the groups for the dabates and the table of Concepts, Positions and Judges:

Debate Be it resolved that: All learning at the vocational education level can and should be evaluate with numbers.
Match-up Team 1:  For Vs. Team 2: Against Judges:


Zeeshan & Iatazaz Ishina & Christian Sunday & Leo


The debates will take place during the last AC session on December 11. 2018.

How you will be assessed

Assessment for this activity will be made on as a group on a scale (1 to 5) using the following criteria:

Debate work (and winners) will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Assessment Question Grading
1 2 3 4-5
Research and Support
Did the team present sufficient and relevant evidence in support of their position?
Did the team provide specific examples of how the concept would be supportive or challenging for use in vocational education?
Did the team respond well to the opponents questions?
Did all team members participate equally in the debate?
Did the team provide specific connections between their position and any of the theorists discussed in previous assignments? (Parts 1-4).
Did the team use any theorists or other research to refute their opponents’ position?