Part 3

Part 3. Create your Ideal Learning Environment (Individual Activity)

Here are the steps:

  • Individuals will create a visual image of the ideal teaching and learning environment. This ‘space’ can be for any subject, target group and can be physical or virtual. You will need to create a reflection piece (a 2 – 3 minute screencast or video) about your space and the theoretical foundations for why you would use such a space.
  • In your reflection piece should cover the following aspects of your space:
    • Target groups
    • The necessary components of the space
    • Content to be taught
    • The theoretical foundations for why your space is created the way it is
  • Place a link to your screencast or video as a post below on this page.



Have your link on this page and be prepared to share your images during the Adobe Connect session on 11.10.2017.


How you will be assessed

Assessment for this activity will be made on your individual work on a scale (1 to 5) using the following criteria:

  1. Task completed on time;
  2. Ideal space connects effectively with the proposed type of teaching to be completed in that space;
  3. Reflection discusses how the space is theoretically grounded and covers all expected aspects; and
  4. Self-reflexivity: ability to connect academic learning with personal learning.



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