Part 2

Collaborative Activity with EduSci Colleague (Pair Activity)

You and an EduSci counterpart will co-create a lesson plan for use in a classroom space and context of your choice. Here is a listing of the pairings (once I confirm who is in the course):

 Salman and Waqar
 Asheesh and Jiby
 Liisa and Ovais
 Mustafa and Heidi
 Sher and Sirwimon

Step 1 – Create a lesson plan

Participants will design a lesson plan together for a class context. Pairs should co-create a lesson plan based on a topic of their choice. However, the lesson should involve an activity (not just a lecture).

The lesson plan should be completed as a Google Doc. Here is the link to a template:

The lesson plan should include information concerning the following:

Name of person(s) creating lesson plan:

  • Lesson title / subject:
  • Pedagogical theory grounding the lesson (with links to further information if appropriate):
  • Learning objectives (from a curriculum document if possible):
  • Prior knowledge of students necessary in order to properly complete the lesson:
  • Forms of assessment:
  • Lesson structure (table below)
Activity Key outcome (e.g. students should… Class structure (e.g. students in groups, seated individually, etc.) Time


Main section


Step 2 – Teaching the Lesson (optional)

Students are encouraged to teach the lesson plan (or an activity from this lesson) if they are currently teaching in a class at the moment. Note: if possible, please take video footage or images of your lesson and provide some reflective comments on how it went to your partner.


The lesson plan will be assessed under the following criteria:

  1. Are the aims and objectives of the lesson clear and achievable?
  2. Is it clear how the educational theory used underpins the lesson design?
  3. Are the levels of students’ prior knowledge recognized and addressed?
  4. Does the plan demonstrate proper time management? (in other words: is the plan realistic for the time given)
  5. Is there an appropriate variety of activities to engage all learners?
  6. Are students given opportunities within the plan to share and / or engage in a learning dialogue?
  7. Are there opportunities for formative assessment and feedback within the lesson plan? Are these appropriate?



The entire activity should be completed by November 14 by sending a link of the lesson plan as a post to this page. You will also need to discuss your collaboration during the November 15, 2017 Adobe Connect session.





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