Continuous development of a vocational teacher 5 ects

Online session 13.3. 2018

At the end of your teacher studies your task is to explicate your own competences and development needs reflecting on the core competence areas of vocational teachers.

To conclude your studies, you

1) answer the same questionnaire you did in the beginning of your studies (please request for a link from your tutor)
2) review your study path, your blog and the answers you gave for the questionnaire
3) familiarize yourself with projects and continuous education programs available for teachers
4) make and present your personal teacher competence development plan. The plan will be reviewed by your tutor and the presentation is given in a seminar with other teacher students.

Your plan for continuous development should reflect what is the core of your own field in the teacher’s work? How has your professional pedagogical thinking developed in relation to the competence areas?

How do you make your vocational pedagogical principles visible when planning, guiding and teaching?

How do you make your vocational pedagogical principles visible developing competence through assessment?

How does the education in your own field develop now and in the future?

How will you continue to maintain and develop your expertise as a vocational teacher?

How does your development plan reflect your current or future profession’s competence development (consider your specific work community or the whole organisation)?