RDI = Reseach, Development & Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI), Tuesday, 21.11.2017.

This time, students will create their own short 5 min. presentation.

Remember also to write about these in your blog! 

Deal with the following topics 1, 2 and 4:

1. How can a vocational teacher find communities and participate in the development of his/her own field? Find and present the following communities/networks (one example per topic is enough):

  • Find a school and/or teacher network in Finland.
  • Find an international developer’s network.
  • Find working life network, conference or event (within your own area of expertise)

2. What are some current RDI –trends in your vocational field? Where can one find information on them?

  • What are the current trends, processes, plans, changes or pertinent projects in your own field?

3. What is Progressive inquiry and how can the teacher develop his/her own work through this process? (Janne & Juha)

Progressive inquiry (a short PDF file of the topic, including a blog task).
Here’s a short description of Progressive Inquiry.

4. What are the skills and ethical principles required in the RDI?

For the experts: Prepare (if you have the needed background and experience) a longer 10 min presentation about your past and current RDI work. You can also take into consideration the above core areas 1, 2 and 4. Expert: You have done research, published articles, lectured in conferences.



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